Hazelwood Forum

Question from audience
Photo: Opus Dei

The Hazelwood Forum will offer opportunities to engage positively in meaningful debate on cultural and educational matters with a special focus on public policy in Scotland.

Our inaugural event is on December 16, 7.30 pm, in Hazelwood House, Glasgow. The topic is the place of journalism and new media in modern Scotland.

Speakers are Mary McGinty (co-founder, The Scottish Catholic), John Paul Connolly (Professor of Public Policy, University of the West of Scotland) and Ronnie Convery (Director of Communications, Archdiocese of Glasgow and Associate Editor of Adamah Media).

Each session will have a practical aim: we wish to make a difference!

All are welcome, especially those interested in contributing to Adamah Media or starting a new media initiative.

To register please book via Eventbrite here.